ENERGOINVEST a.s. is based in Bratislava and, according to the division, belongs to the category of small enterprises and is considered an independent enterprise. We specialize in the production and assembly of pressure and non-pressure parts in the engineering and energy industries, technical inspections, technical tests, repairs and installation of dedicated technical lifting equipment, as well as welding of steel structures and pipelines. We have been operating on the domestic market for a long time and we are the organization that customers are looking for due to the provision of quality services and products by constantly improving working conditions and increasing the qualifications of our staff. Our priority is for both regular and new customers to return to our company repeatedly due to satisfaction from previous cooperation. The company has a significant impact on the environment as part of its activities, by minimizing waste generation, air emissions and, last but not least, overall energy consumption. From the point of view of occupational health and safety, the most serious risks are: the risk of heat and cold, work with loads and work with dedicated technical equipment.

The company undertakes:
– develop, implement, maintain and continuously improve an integrated quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and other standards,
– identify management system processes and ensure their effective implementation within the company,
– identify the context of the organization and stakeholders and adapt its integrated management system to their needs and expectations,
– perform processes focusing on customer requirements and needs and implement this philosophy throughout the company,
– identify, analyze and address risks and opportunities in relation to its processes and the context of the organization, as well as provide preventive measures to eliminate risks as well as to promote opportunities,
– set goals and plan to achieve them with a view to the continuous improvement of society in individual processes as well as in general,
– plan and manage changes in the company to maintain continuity in the quality of processes and activities,
– ensure the availability of the necessary resources to maintain an integrated management system, as well as resources to continuously improve and support innovation in society,
– provide the appropriate infrastructure for carrying out the processes and ensuring their quality,
– ensure a suitable and safe environment for the operation of its processes,
– ensure appropriate monitoring, measurement and analysis of all its ongoing processes and activities, using appropriate monitoring and measurement resources, including ensuring the validity of the results of such monitoring and measurement,
– ensure the competence, awareness and knowledge of the organization for all its employees to an appropriate extent,
– maintain documented information to support the management of its integrated management system,
– to ensure the reliable and repeatable implementation of the identical product to the customer by following the procedures for the processes of the management system and subsequently to determine the degree of its satisfaction for the continuous improvement of the management system and its processes,
– manage its external providers in accordance with its integrated management system,
– to manage and respond to all identified discrepancies, complaints and grievances and to use them for the benefit of continuous improvement of the company,
– ensure the prevention of accidents and damage to health and manage its management system so as to ensure the prevention of identified risks, threats and hazards,
– ensure environmental protection, including prevention, to the extent of the potential impact on these matters,
– ensure compliance with applicable legal and other requirements relating to the health and safety hazards and environmental aspects and impacts of the organization, as well as the organisation’s processes,
– ensure communication, participation and consultation on its OSH management system,
– identify potential emergency situations and, in an appropriate manner, ensure emergency preparedness and response, investigate incidents and non-conformities and use them for further prevention and continuous improvement,
– to establish a culture of the organization to promote awareness of the importance of quality assurance and prevention of damage to health and to ensure a high level of professionalism in the activities carried out and to continuously improve its management system,
– constantly improve the management system and the level of satisfaction of its customers.

The company commits all its employees, stakeholders and external providers to adhere to this integrated management system policy and assigns them responsibility for its implementation in the company’s activities, as well as responsibility for its continuous application.

In Bratislava, on 02.01.2021

…………………………..Ing. Ľuboš Lazový…………………………..
CEO and Chairman of the Board